€ 50  (te koop in Emergent, Veurne)

Per post extra € 10 verzendingskosten :

Met de aankoop van één uniek object wordt de symbolische terugkeer van één vermiste soldaat naar de geboortestad of gemeente gefinancierd.   

Algeria, France, Litouwen, Norway, UK, Australia, French Polynesia, Mali, Poland, USA, Benin, Guinea, Nederland, Russia, Switserland, Burkina Faso, India, Ireland, Senegal, Canada, Italia, Nicaragua, Spain, Germany, Ivory Coast, New-Zealand, Tunesia, Thailand, Zwevezele...

Clay Front Homecoming, 2019, unique hand turned earthenware vessel (5 x 7 cm). The stamp on the pot refers to the site where the clay was excavated and the soldier is missing. The vessel was fired at a temperature of 1020)C and is packed inside a handmade cardboard box (7 x 7 x 5 cm) with an PVC dome. The box is secured with wire and a lead seal. The seal bears the imprint: Clay Front