Hikers make a work of art while walking

 TRAAG (Slow) is part of the public art walking trail GVR (Flemish Ardennes) that is launched in the summer of 2022. The artwork initially consists of its concept and many unique handmade, fired seed boxes. 

By walking along the path, hikers create the artwork TRAAG (Slow) and become part of this collective work of art. 'Tragewegen' (slow paths) are a large network of non-motorized hiking trails. Most of these slow paths have historical roots. People used to walk to the church or to the market via these paths. They often had merchandise with them. They dropped something along the way. The fallen products attracted animals. They in turn spread seeds. 

As a hiker, you take this flower seed on your journey. It spreads slowly along the walk. Gradually, a parallel path full of flowers is created. Each hiker receives a seed box, a small sculpture and handprint by the artist , which consists of clay from the region near the GR route. The three types of flower seed originate from the region: the poppy, the Cornflower and The Wilde Margriet. The seed box is attached to the hikers backpack or jacket. By walking the flower seed will slowly be sown. Seemingly and inconsiderate the work of art arises.

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