Straight Line Attempt (Parc d'Enghien) 2018

Straight Line Attempt is a series of performances, or art happenings, in different locations and landscapes. Sometimes with the participation of the public, at other times as a solo project. The work is about trying to control nature, but never being able to succeed. It addresses themes such as ‘point of view’, perception, looking into/onto the landscape/territory, and making invisible lines and structures visible. The rules are defined by the artist.

Straight Line Attempt (Parc d'Enghien)  is an art happening for the opening of the exhibition, Tous est Paysage at the Biënnale d'Enghien 2018. Visitors were invited to draw a straight line, some 500 metres long, by standing between the tower and the castle. The art happening was filmed using a camera on a tripod, from the vantage point of the tower. 

Stills from time lapse video, Straight Line Attempt (Parc d'Enghien), 2018, duration 02:53
Editing Bianca Cassinelli
Special thanks to all participants